24 Aug 2017

“A good reputation is more valuable than money.”  Publilius Syrus, Maxims

People can acquire reputations for all sorts of things; being outspoken, good at finishing projects on time and on budget, good at dealing with difficult staff, being intolerant of fools, bei...

23 Aug 2017

I always encourage my team to tell me The Bad News.

My previous Boss had a similar view. On one occasion, early in his tenure when I was still learning how much he wanted to know about what was happening in my area, I didn’t tell him about a matter relating to Sydney Ai...

16 Aug 2017

Don’t say you're short of staff – you can think it but don’t say it.

You may well have more work than staff to do it. Yep, most people know what that's like. 

However, if you say (or worse, keep saying) that your section or department is short of staff, two things may ha...

9 Aug 2017

Watch what bad managers do and don't do what they do!  

You don’t have to do the course or the seminar or the post-graduate degree to learn what is good management. Watch what managers do and work out for yourself whether what they are doing is working. If you thin...

9 Aug 2017

Don’t Encourage YesPeople - They Always Agree With You. 

If I want my team to perform well and turn out top quality work, I need people who are willing to speak up with alternative views and who let me know when they disagree.

However, this means that...

2 Aug 2017

Risk Assess Work To Help Prioritise It. 

Too much work? Too few staff? Yes, I know. Seems like we're all in the same position these days.

Prioritise your workload!

This article expands on the risk assessment aspect that I mentioned in an article on Time Management and Wor...

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An abridged version of this article was first published in The Australian newspaper on 4 October 2019.

I have heard on many occasions from different pe...

CASA is Killing GA. Really?

October 3, 2019

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