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Drones Deliver Food To My House

A trial of commercial deliveries by a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS or "drone") to houses in my neighbourhood has recently moved to a more built-up suburb of Canberra. This was one of the last deliveries to Royalla and was recorded on an iPhone.

The straight-line distance from the launch site to the house was 3.8 km (2 nm) . The food arrived about 5 minutes after the payment was made on the app.

The operator of the drone is Project Wing, a division of X (a part of Alphabet), and the burritos are made by Guzman Y Gomez. There's more information on the GYG website and on the Project Wing website.

The video shows a delivery to the area between some trees and the car port. A previous delivery was to the area just off the back deck (see below).

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